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Ecommerce image editing serviceis one of the key factors that win customers over to the company’s website. The general presentation of the product image has a very strong effect on the customer’s taste and final decision to click on your “BUY” button and boasts the volume of your online sales.

By contact, a customer gets about you and your product on visiting your website is the product image. Therefore, within a short time of the customer’s Google search, he would want to take immediate decisions based on the product image. Moreover, your company just needs to visit an ecommerce photograph that must be an eye-catcher.

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Some of the Best Ecommerce Image Editing Service Tools

1. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is undoubtedly the most commonly used and most popular image editing software, used by photographers and editing professionals. It markets itself as the “world’s best imaging and perfectly which includes your eCommerce website design app”.

It has pre-installed features that can improvise your images and give them a professional touch. Even if you have shot pictures at home or in office and have worked on a string budget, Photoshop will transform the images and make them look their best.

2. Camera+

Camera+ is the top-selling photo editing suite, especially for smartphones and tablets. It is available on google play store and Apple store and is much cheaper than Photoshop. Though it has fewer features compared to Photoshop, if you have clicked your images through a mobile phone or tablet, this image editing suite will be most useful and help you give the much needed professional touch to the images.

3. Portrait Professional

Portrait professional is an online image editing service. It is ideal for brands that use portrait mode images for their products on the website. For example, if the product is sunglasses or jewelry, you need to focus on the intricacies of the product, for the viewer to get a true picture of the product.

Portrait professional is ideal for these types of editing. You can edit the lighting effects and the background of the images, change the colors of the image just by moving the sliders to the right color combination.

4. Fotor

Fotor is a free photo editing software, you can access it through the browser and no software needs to be downloaded on your system. A good image editing software for simple editing tasks.

Basics of Ecommerce Image Editing Service

Image formats: Image Formats are very important under the process of image editing. Different types of formats are used for different uses on a website, the commonly used formats are JPEG, GIF, PNG, etc.

JPEGs are generally used for images with a number of colors and gradients. PNG is the ideal choice for images with transparent backgrounds.

Image Resizing: Once you have selected the right format you want the image to be saved in, you need to decide on the size of the image.

Ecommerce Image Editing Service

Ecommerce Image Editing Techniques

1. Clipping Path Technique

Clipping path editing is the process of cutting out of an image and getting rid of the background or which is there in the image other than the main product. This editing is undertaken by almost 90% of the eCommerce companies.

Top eCommerce companies like Amazon, eBay, etc. strictly require images with plain white background only. Which means product images having colored backgrounds, need to use a clipping path to remove the colored background and insert a white background.

2. Image Masking Technique

The clipping path technique cannot be used to perfectly remove the fuzzy or blurred edges of an image. Images of hair or fur or fuzzy garments require image masking to get rid of the background perfectly. The main objective of using a masking technique is to achieve perfection in the editing process. When the clipping path is not able to perform its job, masking has to be used for the best results.

There are different types of masking techniques under eCommerce Image editing:

Photoshop masking: This deals with removing the background or cutting out the image and placing it on a different background.

Alpha layer masking: This technique uses the aid of color layers to remove the background. While editing we can see two types are color grid, Red-Green-Blue (RGB), and Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Key Color Black (CMYK). The best part of using alpha layer masking is that it can select a single color from the image to apply the mask. Elements like smoke that cannot be easily visible naturally can be masked using the alpha layer masking technique.

Transparency masking: This technique is very different from the others, it should be performed only if the subject of the image is required to be introduced in a new background.

3. Image Retouch up Technique

One may use the most sophisticated equipment to click the pictures, but even the best of the cameras cannot remove the wrinkles under the eyes or stray hair on the forehead, etc. To get the perfect image, one needs to give a professional retouch up to the image. Image retouch up makes the image look amazing, it includes color correction, removing unwanted spots or hair on the face, control distortion of colors, etc.

Today, Product photo touch-up is fast gaining popularity. Ecommerce businesses opt for their product photo touch up to make the picture look elegant and desirable. Professional photo touch up makes the ordinary look magnificent. This helps in improving the selling rate of the products.

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